Those Famous Fluctuations of the Mind

Years ago I worked on a project with someone who showed up one day with a tee shirt that had Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodhah printed on it.  He was clearly horrified that I had only a rough idea what the words meant, and it was fairly obvious that I plummeted in his estimation.

In retrospect I’m a little horrified as well, since I had been practicing and teaching for a number of years at that point.  And yet somehow this essential definition of Yoga, “the restraint of the fluctuations of the mind” hadn’t fully registered with me. (more…)

Asana – The Big Picture

Recently a student told me she missed the philosophy page that was on my old website, so I decided to revisit what I had written and bring it up to date as a kind of statement of purpose for why the physical practice of Yoga is such an ongoing source of inspiration to me. (more…)





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