“I have been a practitioner of yoga, mostly of the Ashtanga discipline, for the past 10 years and I learned more from Natasha in a one-month intensive than I have in all those years of practice!

With her in-depth alignment instruction, experience with the postures, and her clear and concise perspective on the Sutras, I came away not only with a deeper understanding of Yoga as a whole, but also a healthier and more joyful approach to my daily practice. Natasha is truly a gifted teacher! ”
~ Tamara H.

“Natasha is truly an incredible teacher and wonderful person; her style is very detailed and supportive, and to this day, she is one of the best Yoga teachers I’ve ever practiced with. 
~ Christina T.

“As for Natasha’s teaching, there are not enough words or feelings that can express my gratitude and appreciation for her art form.  The way she communicates her message and her ability to make one think are just a few of the wonderful qualities about her, not only as a teacher, but as a person.  For anyone interested in deepening your own practice or becoming an instructor, young or old, the Yoga Works teacher training program allows this to happen. ”
~ Ann B.

“Natasha is an incredible teacher and mentor.

She truly cares about each and every one of her students and guides the class thoughtfully and attentively.  Her Asana practices were always challenging yet mindful and allowed all of us to gain strength, confidence, observe our progressions and continue to improve our weaknesses. She has so much knowledge, experience and insight about everything and welcomed all the questions, thoughts and comments that we had.

I really can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Natasha. She is such a wonderful, sweet, caring person who is able to talk with you like a friend yet maintain the teacher-student relationship. With her encouraging ways, sense of humor, passion for Yoga and compassion for her students, her course has everything you need to make you successful as a Yoga teacher and as a practitioner.  And with Natasha you will learn more about Yoga AND about yourself than you ever thought possible!!!”
~ Jamie C

“Last September I had the privilege of attending the Yogaworks TT program with Natasha Rizopoulos.    Every minute I was learning something new or refining what I thought I knew.  This was not my first teacher training program, but it was my first experience with YogaWorks and Natasha.

Without hesitation and complete candor, I can say that this was the most comprehensive education and training I have ever experienced in the yoga world.  It has profoundly altered my practice by deepening my understanding of the poses, the sutra’s and how to teach.    The way Natasha structured each day was perfect.   There was so much to learn and absorb, that I’m considering taking the entire program again – I really loved it!”
~ Mary P.

“Natasha speaks from eloquence, humor and knowledge.

She guided each one of us in our further exploration of yoga and ourselves.  There are so many aspects of my study with Natasha that I could describe positively but I would suggest that the two most valuable aspects were 1) Natasha’s knowledge of alignment and 2) how to communicate that information to others.  I think that anyone who has an interest in yoga, whether they want to teach or not, should give themselves this gift.  It is a challenge, but a challenge that I looked forward to each and every time we met.

I wish, and I feel certain my classmates would echo my sentiments, that (even years later) I could have my monthly long weekends with Natasha.  ”
~ Christyne V.

“Natasha and the YW teacher training were intense and hard, but this was one of the most magical times in my life.  Yes, my practice improved by leaps and bounds as Natasha’s teaching of the fundamentals gave me a great base from which to grow.  But more importantly (for me), it was her ability to get us as individuals to really work on our spiritual selves that meant the most to me.  I came out of the YW TT having learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. ”
~ Lisa S.

“Natasha teaches in a way that is completely accessible, allowing students to make connections with the material and their own yoga practice in an organic way.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor, and has the ability to make each of her students feel supported.   I am grateful to Natasha for guiding me through a program that gave me a solid base of knowledge which will inform my yoga teaching and practice for the rest of my life.”
~ Sian W.

“I have known of Natasha as a yoga teacher for a number of years, and her YogaWorks teacher training in Boston was a dream come true for me at this stage in my life.

Natasha is even sweeter in person!  She is a wonderful teacher who conveys her message of yoga clearly, precisely, and in great detail. She has an air of calm and loveliness around her that is contagious. I feel deeply grateful for being her student.”
~ Julianna N.

“Natasha has a quiet, unassuming way about her that underplays the strength and intellectual capacity she possesses. Her experience and knowledge of yoga make her an ideal fit for teacher training. She seems to strike a balance between the pragmatic and spiritual side of yoga—offering an approach that is easily digestible for a broad spectrum of practitioners.”
~ Julia D.

“Natasha Rizopoulos is very supportive, loving, kind – yet disciplined and professional. She exudes enthusiasm for yoga, gets you to push yourself, and offers excellent technical instruction in the postures as well as a deeper understanding of them. Natasha brings an environment that is respectful, encouraging and always inspiring. 

~ Mary Beth J.

“I had been taking yoga classes for about three years in various Boston studios and got a glimpse of the benefits of yoga but those moments came as a surprise, not as an intention.  After voicing my frustration to many of my yoga buddies, one finally suggested I try Natasha’s class.  From the first class, I was hooked. It was the first time I could use each instruction given to deepen my poses with proper alignment, to find the balance of strength and flexibility, energy and relaxation and breath.  Natasha has a great teaching voice with the right balance of serious teaching and humor to make the class a great learning experience.”
~ Angela H.

“I will always be grateful for my decision to study with Natasha.  If I had to describe my training with a single word I would choose “smart”.   It is challenging, physical yoga practiced intelligently, with respect for each body in the room.  She laid out the training in an accessible, and always interesting, way.  It was progressive so the information didn’t overwhelm me.   She gave me a yoga vocabulary that made sense to me and now makes sense to my own students.

Throughout the training we were able to grow as students ourselves through a daily vigorous practice.  Each of these practices had us thinking about our bodies in a new way.

Natasha takes her job seriously.  She knows it is a big responsibility to teach a roomful of yoga students who themselves aspire to do the same.   She prepared me beautifully.   Her training gave me the confidence to go out into the yoga world to be the best yoga teacher I can be for my students. ”
~ Ramsay T.





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