align your flow®

This perspective on Yoga and Asana is Align Your Flow®

Align Your Flow® is meditation in motion.

It’s about using the linking of breath and movement to become completely absorbed in the present moment.

It’s an approach to Vinyasa Flow that emphasizes alignment as a way to develop what the ancient Yogis called eka grata or one-pointed focus.

It’s a physical practice that encourages you to be your most vital and intelligent self on the mat, disengaged from the chatter that so often distracts and defines us.

It’s a way to move the body consciously and thoughtfully, so you can accurately observe the effects of your actions and therefore act more skillfully, which is both the essence and the goal of Yoga.

It’s about cultivating a quality of attention in your asana practice that translates into your daily life.

It’s a way to create a relationship between what you do on the mat and who you are off the mat.





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